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Affiliated Organisations and Partners

Featuring the organisations and teams that West Yorkshire Paranormal are proud to be partnered with

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Trans Atlantic Paranormal Society

As seen on TV first with Ghost Hunters/International and Ghost Nation. They pride themselves in having teams around the world to help others.
The Taps family was set up to have a free and professional team to attend any disturbances in your home.

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Highland Paranormal

The north of Scotland's longest running paranormal investigation team

The team was established in 2010 and are proud members of the TAPs family. We have worked with Liam and Lynn on a series of live chats all about the paranormal on The Para Experience which you can find here. Check out the team's website here

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The Leeds Library

Founded in 1768

West Yorkshire Paranormal was the first team to investigate the library back in 2016. Since then we have worked closely with the library and at some point soon we will be running some public ghost hunt events for them, Watch this space for updates. The library was founded in 1768 and is housed in a purpose built building which was completed in 1807. To find out more about the library click here

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Ginning Fox and Ginning Rat

Drinks for every occasion

The owners very kindly donated the teams office space in their new premises in Keighley. 
for a friendly atmosphere pop into any of there locations.

Partners: Features
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Kimber Hughes - Psychic Medium

Genuine psychic medium  who wants to help those who are wanting to reach their loved ones. Kimber has been helping us with advice on our client cases.

Kimber runs workshops and classes and you can find these on her website here

You can also find her on Facebook here

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The Para Experience

Bringing 3 of the UK TAPS teams together,  join Jason, Anna, Liam, Lynn (Highland Paranormal) and Paul (Paranormal Lincs) for monthly online chats. You can check out the page here


Lost Soul Paranormal

Lost Soul Paranormal is run by 3 of West Yorkshire Paranormal's former team members, Rachel, Nicki and Gemma. These fabulous ladies have a real passion for the field and can be found running their own events, both for the public and for team shares as well as at conferences and online chats. You can find them on Facebook here, and their website here

Partners: Features
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