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Meet Our Team

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Jason Austerfield

Jason has been interested in the paranormal most of his life and has been the owner of West Yorkshire Paranormal Ltd for over 10 years. Jason has a big passion for looking for evidence of the existence of ghosts and unusual paranormal activity. He has travelled the UK working with other teams as well as ours, visited many fantastic historical locations, given several talks, including some at local schools and also visits peoples homes to help with their problems.
Jason has also been Locations Manager for the television show Ghost Dimensions and Ghost Dimensions Flying Solo and has also appeared on Most Haunted as well as featuring in various books on the paranormal field.
He also used to be the north of England manager of the events company Shadows in the Dark and The Para Experience.


Sarah Austerfield

Although not always in the field, Sarah is a big part of the team's progression having founded the team alongside Jason. She especially loves to visit clients at home as she believes the team is best at giving people individual care to solve their problems.
Sarah has also helped out with many public events and has said The Ancient Ram Inn and Newsham Park are some of her favourite locations.



Anna joined West Yorkshire Paranormal over 5 years ago after an investigation at her place of work which she was invited to take part in. She has always been fascinated by the paranormal and it was a dream come true when she was asked to join the team.

Anna looks after many aspects of organisation for the team and deputises for Jason when he is not available. She is often the first point of contact for any clients that get in touch with the team.



Michael is the team's sceptic and the man who is always looking for a clear answer to strange occurrences. Michael has done many locations over the years and has picked up some astonishing evidence.



John can always be seen on location with his trusty video cameras in hand. He spends a lot of time travelling the UK with Jason and helping support paranormal investigations. John very much believes there are spirits walking around us and is determined to capture this with his equipment.

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Chris is interested in the technical side of the team and likes to question everything that is happening on location.
He is a sceptic and likes to keep the more experienced investigators on their toes. He is keen to develop more experiments to use on location and get some quantifiable data. Look out for Chris's blog posts, coming soon...



Sam is another of the team's sceptics always looking for rational explanations first. He has been with the team for many years and managed the locations for a number of those.



Amy is an enthusiastic member of the team, who joined after attending one of our events. She is a fantastic investigator, winning our investigator of the year award in 2020. She is also keen to explore her more intuitive side to investigations but using this alongside a proper investigative approach.



Kat works on the command centre, watching cameras and recording what the team do in this vital role. She is also an experienced investigator who meticulously documents the investigation on her trusty clipboard.



Sara Joined the team after discovering activity in some locations she has attended, Sara is more sensitive than most team members and is working on being able to gather evidence to what she is feeling. she also likes to help people and has a keen interest in clients.

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Boo Bear

Boo Bear is the youngest member of our team, and is never afraid to ask questions, he is always happy to do lone vigils when required.



Joanne is new to the team but has already proven she has the skills of an excellent investigator. In recognition of her work over the past year, Joanne has been made Team Leader and is our Investigator of the Year 2022!

Joanne says 'I first got into the paranormal after having activity in my home, it was a playful spirit but got cheeky, hiding things, moving things, turning on my radio. It didn't like my music though as I like 70s/80s punk so he would throw easy listening CDs at me! I started watching more paranormal shows and following groups on YouTube then doing little investigations in my home. I went out doing mini investigations around where I live with my daughter. Not long after I joined West Yorkshire Paranormal and I’m really excited about what comes next.'



Leigh is already proving herself to be an invaluable part of the group and an excellent investigator too! So much so she was our 2023 winner of Investigator of the Year!

This is how she became interested in investigating.

Okay so I first got into the paranormal as a kid when I would watch ghosty shows with my mum and then we would freak ourselves out and have to go to the toilet together. We also had activity in our home, my mum would play stuff down as being normal, but I wouldn't let it drop and still don't. As an adult I had been doing a few investigations and urban exploring until I got invited to NELSAM with West Yorkshire and got invited to be part of the team on the Scotland trip! #winning lol



Fran is new to all things paranormal and spooky. Previously terrified of everything, she spent most of lockdown watching paranormal tv shows and films, in the hope of desensitising herself! It seems to have worked so far… She is passionate about people and enjoys being part of the team because each team member brings something different to the mix. Fran’s favourite location so far has been Jedburgh Jail but thinks she saw her first apparition at the Leeds Library at her very first paranormal night.



Dale, is from the Leeds area and is our newest member. He has already fitted in well and came to us with a lot of his own kit, which was impressive! He has had previous experience investigating the paranormal and is proving to be a very capable addition to the team.

From a very young age, he has had an interest in the paranormal, often telling ghost stories and being interested in the local old buildings, always looking up at the windows as he went past to see if he could spot anything. In 2015 he started investigating properly at various locations, including houses, theatres, castles, prisons, museums, mills, and fortresses. Currently battling cancer, he doesn't let it stop him from enjoying one of his favourite hobbies with the team. He's also been seen on TV on a show called Steph's Packed Lunch (Channel 4) but his real love is the paranormal. So far, his favourite location is a place which was called Fort Paull in Hull, but it is sadly now closed!

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