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Here you will find a list of some of the locations we have visited over the years. We will keep updating this section with some of our past and present investigations


Hell Fire Caves

We waited 2 years to get to this location and it did not disappoint! We split into 3 teams and each team experienced something down in the caves. From footsteps (which we caught on audio), to disembodied voices to light phenomena. We still have all the evidence left to review... 

You can check out the website to Hell Fire Caves here. We all want a return trip at some point!

Abbey House Museum_edited.jpg

Abbey House Museum

One of our favourite locations in our local area. The museum is housed in the gatehouse of the ruined 12th century Kirkstall Abbey, for a time it was also used as a private home. The museum features a replica Victorian Street, with a pub and shops. You can find out more about the museum here

Harwich fort.jpg

Harwich Redoubt Fort, Essex

We have visited this brilliant location twice now. The fort was built in 1808 to defend the port of Harwich from Napoleonic invasion. You can find out all about the fort at their website here


RAF Aid Defence Radar Museum, Neatishead, Norfolk

The museum is housed in buildings purchased from RAF grounds and features exhibits from the early days of radar from WWII through to the Cold War. You can find more information about the museum here

Keighley Underground Streets.jpg

Keighley Underground Street

Located beneath the Royal Arcade in Keighley, these streets were abandoned for years before renovation work in 2003 uncovered them once again. A very atmospheric location and we featured the streets on our YouTube channel and you can watch the first investigation here and the second here

Old Nick.jpg

Old Nick Theatre

On our visit there the team had so many experiences that they were desperate to investigate it again. This is a rather interesting location, on one side is changing rooms and a theatre, on the other, a police museum and cells. This location is truly different and it holds many an interesting story.

Sheffield fire and police museum.jpg

Emergency Services Museum

The museum is housed in the former fire and police station and retains many original features. These include the old prison cells, exercise yard and fire mans pole. The team have now investigated it 3 times. Several people have reported shadow figures and footsteps as well as voices, the team will be returning again in 2023

30 East Drive.jpg

30 East Drive

The famous 30 East Drive! The team have done this location 5 times with varied results, it’s one of those locations which splits the team. Some believe its haunted others haven’t had anything but still it is a location worth adding to any investigators bucket list.


North East Land Sea and Air Museum (NELSAM)

The team have been here every year since 2014 and always book it once it becomes available. We have had everything from poltergeist activity, voices and doors slammed on us as well as two apparitions seen, one by the whole team on the CCTV cameras as they had a break. Last year with the help of Keith the caretaker we were able to get a compass and a ring moving which was a highlight. We will be returning once again this year. NELSAM has won our Location of the Year award twice now!

True Crime museum 1_edited.jpg

True Crime Museum

Another long trip all the way down to Hastings and another winner of our Location of the Year  award. On our first visit this location had activity from the start of our investigation until we left. Chairs moving in the base room, the exhibit chains moving on their own accord and a team member also was left alone with shadow figures while strapped to an electric chair and they reported being touched.

Inverary Gaol.jpg

Inveraray Jail

 An epic road trip, and what a location. After being shown the Burke and Hare death masks and a tour of the museum where one team member saw a giant shadow figure and heard footsteps running away when he was alone in a cell block. We also had cat balls move but heard footsteps moving on the wooden stairs in the court room as well as shadows at the same time. This is a location that despite the rain, made everyone want a return trip.

Morley Market.jpg

Morley Market

We are one of the few teams ever to step foot in the building after dark. It truly is a unique experience walking through the deserted stalls looking for things that may go bump in the night. The building did deliver some activity, enough for us to return on another occasion but sadly the team hasn’t been able to return to since.

St Helens.jpg

Mill Street Barracks

The staff are very welcoming and looked after us all night. They also run their own podcast Access Paranormal and invited two of the team to take part before the investigation. We had a few areas to concentrate on and even on the initial walk around a women was clearly heard in the main hall. Some team members were also lucky enough to spot a figure in the basement, a location that everyone should try at least once.

Ragged School museum.jpg

The Ragged School, London

Now a museum, this building is fantastic! It has school rooms and a basement where the team managed to catch a figure of a child sat in a chair and riding a bike on the SLS camera. A location that was really worth the long trip down to London.

Galleries of Justice.jpg

The National Justice Museum

A favourite of the team (although some have only been for a day trip). For those that have had the chance to investigate, this location seems to get more active the lower down you go into the many eerie cells and caves. With so much history, it’s no wonder this location has been known to test even the best investigators. From shadows and poltergeist activity, to actually having something walk down the stairs towards you this truly is a fabulous location.

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