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Hell Fire Caves - April 2022

Another location that the team have been wanting to visit for a long long time. Originally booked before the pandemic we waited 2 years before we finally got there. And what a location!!! Before the investigation even started two of our team members experienced something on the walk round which they found very scary! They described it as something laughing directly in there face. We had 3 teams and each one had some incredible experiences. Some evidence that we did capture was that of footsteps approaching the furthest cave, we heard the tread of a single person walking down, after calling out thinking it was another member of the team and getting no response we discovered (and we checked with everyone afterwards) that no team members had approached. The floor is covered in gravel and it was a distinctive crunch, crunch, crunch, we heard the footsteps approach but not walk away. And we captured this on audio!

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